Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Last night I tried to work on my project but I found like no information on colonialism...maybe I just kept clicking on the wrong website? Its also a little harder because I'm making my prezi from scratch and am not using a premade template. In my prezi I would like to discuss all of the different literatures we have learned.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Copy of Post Modern Prezi (LAST WEEK'S PRESENTATIONS)

My Brag Sheet

Awards: 6th grade: Presidential award
Honor roll: 4th through 8th grade
Renaissance (honor roll): 9th- 11th grade
Golden Warrior award 9th grade (science)
Student of the quarter in 8th grade for science and cooking
Varsity letter in swimming in 9th grade

Scholar athlete award through Santa Maria Swim Club
Coach's Award through Santa Maria Swim Club

Sports:Swimming (age 5- 17)
High school swimming in 9th and 10th grade

I've helped out at swim meets for little kids on my swim team (Santa Maria Swim Club)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Literature Analysis 4 (EXTRA CREDIT)

               So, I read a 700 page book called the Academ's Fury which is by Jim Butcher. It is book


I think I have done good on my literature analysis we have done throughout the year, they were also my favorite because they introduced me to new fantasy authors that I have begun reading. As the year has progressed, I have read books by Terry Brooks. In search of finding a new world for adventures to be in, I stumbled across another fantasy author named Jim Butcher. Besides literature analysis, I also enjoyed reading some "interesting" books that we were  forced to read, my favorite being.....wait for it.......GATSBY! I feel like whenever I attach myself to a good book, my favorite character dies a horrible death. It was devastating to see Gatsby die by Wilson. Also in Lord of the Flies which I read in 9th grade, Piggy died. That was so sad! Anyways, reading in this course opened my mind up to new literatures, symbols I didn't know existed, and a plethora of exciting characters I have known to love. This year could not have been more splendid!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Johnney Cyberpunk

This short story is classified as cyberpunk. As we learned in class, cyberpunk is science fiction, or near earth. The creation o things is cyberpunk such as the phrase techne. Techne is when you make things pretty much yourself such as in the short story when he created his own ammunition for his shotgun.Gonzo journalism is different than cyberpunk because its often written in first-person and the reporter puts himself into the story.